Thursday, 10 January 2013

And another thing...

"I don't think we build cemeteries for the dead. Sure, it may seem pointless to you, but... How can I describe it? It's so that we can think like this: 'We'll never forget you. We'll remember you every time we stand at your grave. And we won't let the fear of death, which each of us knows, stop us from living our lives. ...Because my friends will remember me when I'm here.'"
—Black Mage No. 288 
After mentioning Final Fantasy IX in the last post, had to post a pretty moving bit of speech from it.
Speaking of moving, I saw The Impossible last night; the film about beautiful Ewan McGregor and his beautiful wife and their beautiful kids on holiday in beautiful Thailand who get caught up in the not-so-beautiful tsunami of 2004.

My girlfriend cried. I didn't. 
I am man. Man no cry.

Unless it's the opening ten minutes of Pixar's Up.

Manly tears are shed.


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