Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Perks of being a failure.

Today I had an interview for a placement that I have been working towards for the last couple of years. A placement that would have put me on the path towards my dream job. Important stuff.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I did not get the place. Gutted for me. But it's nothing I can't deal with, and quite frankly, I'm already getting over it.

To paraphrase Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins (no, I couldn't think of anyone else at time of writing), "we fall to get back up again", which is a philosophy that could make you pretty much bulletproof in this world if you make it your motto. Life has winners and losers, that is inevitable. People who fail to get what they want, only become the latter when they accept this face and give up. Losing out on anything can be a beneficial experience, added to experience and character building.

The last point there is an important one. Failing is an important part of life, yet there are schools who want to protect their children from this fate by implementing 'prizes for all' schemes which discourage actually trying. Take sports day, for instance. I hated it. But if I didn't win (I never did), I wouldn't win anything, as it should be. Rather than dish out prizes for last place or taking part and celebrating mediocrity, children should be taught to take things on the chin, and turn it into a positive experience. Or they will be in for a nasty shock when they leave school and go into the cold world, where there are no prizes for just taking part.

And if there is then I'll be expecting my 'well done for trying' certificate in the post pretty soon.

Today's Tune - Wolf - First Aid Kit. Female folk-rock, somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Florence and The Machine.

Fact: - Karaoke means 'empty orchestra' in Japanese. Thanks to How I Met Your Mother for that one.


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